SIPPIN 40z! (exaust) wrote,

c'est la vie

-Fixed my T.A. situation. Miss Freedman loves me again and I don't have to waste my time in MCAS prep. haha.
-Got hit on by some creepy guy at a party who was quizzing me in calculus.
-Threw rocks at ice and got yelled at by old ladies.
-Finally got the balls to apply to Georgia State.
-Need a second job at Panera.
-Need a boy. No, fuck that. I don't need shit. I'd like one, though haha
-Want to listen to Country music.
-Going to California twice this summer. ONCEEE TO playyy with Renata :D ps. Renata there may be a sexy asian named Mavis coming as well.. therefore we will be unstoppable
-Spring is finally fucking coming... life is beautiful

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