SIPPIN 40z! (exaust) wrote,

This is why I'm hot. =D

So, basically, I have ~5 weeks left of Framingham. Left of Massachusetts. Of New England. It's bittersweet... not that I'll miss Framingham in itself. aahaha

I was referred to as a local here in Atlanta yesterday by a woman at the hotel.

I made a friend at orientation :)

I joined a program that reminded me of RFL.. going white water rafting in North Carolina on August 2nd.

Moving down here on August 16th. 18th birthday is on August 17th. It's kind of ironic, really.. my friends and I have been planning out my 18th birthday for years because I'll be one of the last to turn 18... and now I'll be in Atlanta for it, partying with Keri and those other two girls whose names I didn't catch. bahaha

I'm so stoked, but so nervous.

Peace up, A-Town down <3
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