SIPPIN 40z! (exaust) wrote,

Here's my two cents, bitches

Too many people choose the fast life, driving along the highway of life till they find an exit, settle down, and die... I think I'll choose the scenic route; I don't really know where I'm going, but it sure as pie will be a nice ride. The theme is constant throughout America. It's probably going to be more difficult to "make it" in this country in the laid-back status at which I rest, but hell, who needs to "make it"? Yeah yeah, 5 cars, big house on the ocean, high-paying job in the city--it sounds great and all, but is it happiness? I say no, not at all. All I need is a coupla bucks on the side to keep me going, I'll be set. I kind of want to stay in Framingham. Maybe go to an even smaller town in Mass. I can just settle down, become an English teacher, it will be fantabulous!
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