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...& I'm officially a senior..

So, beginning of exams = beginning of the summer, in my mind.

Wednesday was A & B, and I don't have an exam B. After, drove around w/ Tim, Aaron, Savannah, Becky, & Lil Jon in the torrential rain.. kind of scary, but whatevz.
Thursday was C & D. Went to Ians, got tipsy, played in the pool NONSTOP. Sexy people :o. Interesting events. Hot tub wars, and ice cream cartons on Matt's head. Sorry Nicolette I love you<33
Friday, E & F, I had no exams, but I went to school anyway cuz I slept at Savannah's and had to do shit for Mrs. Manning. Walked around and chatted with Katie E period, then rode a bike around n chilled with Scott and Savannah F. After exams = Zac, Aaron, Becky, Savannah, Mavis, me, and a handle of Cap'n Mo's. Swimming at the lake =)
Saturday Savannah, Aaron and I went to Millville? to her cousin's graduation party. Found a funbubble. Fun in the attic, that sounds so sketchy but w.e
Sunday was beach all day =)
Monday was G period. Fuckin, went to Savannah's with Scott and Aaron. Then Tim and Liljon scopped Scotty. Ian, Tyler, and Drew showed up for a little bit. "GOOD GOOGLY MOOGLY, THAT THANG IS JUICY!" ahhaa. They left, I slept on Savannah's kitchen floor. Kevin and Scott came back. Went to the park to play frisbee, ended up running into Mary! <3 & Dan ahaha Dippie and Chris came toooo it was illness. Scott kicked my ass like 12 different times.
Tuesdayyyy Mavis, Savannah, Scott, Kevin, Aaron, Becky, Katie, Tim, Brittany. In a nutshell. & a lake =)
Today is water park with RFL, I'm excited =)
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