SIPPIN 40z! (exaust) wrote,

They say the truth will set you free, but the less you say, the better off you'll be

I decided to update this more often, for my own memory's sake.

This weekend was AMAZING. Friday night I went to Eric's house with Savannah, Ricky, Lil Jon, Eric (duh) and Aaron. Aaron and I climbed up and separate roofs, and I decided that the one Aaron chose was better, so I tried to switch. At first I fell. I have a new bruise on my leg now =D Anywho, I got up on the second try, and stayed on the roof for about 2 hours. Eventually nearly everyone came up. Katie showed up later n chilled up there.

That night, I slept at Katie's for the first time in a looonggg time. Her brother is still a little shit. Who knew? Next morning, We walked over to Eric's to make coffee because there was mold in her coffee maker. Gross.

I'll finish this later, I need to finish getting ready for school..
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