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Life is one big question when you're starin’ at the clock [entries|friends|calendar]

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Random thought [19 Feb 2008|04:54pm]
Never forget the people you meet, the decisions you make, and the influence they both have on you; good or bad, they have helped shape you to be the person you are today and will continue to affect who you may be tomorrow.
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this is what can happen in about a year, guys. [08 Feb 2008|02:22am]


And, in her words to the police, "I'm on ecstacy, baby."

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OK, on a more serious note now. [07 Feb 2008|09:59am]
So I didn't sleep at all last night. Not at all. In the absense of sleep, my brain decided to review the past 5 or so years of my life.
Consequently, I read through my entire livejournal, and decided a few things.

1. I'm actually going to start using this thing again for real

2. I miss my old personality; however, I can't seem to wrap my head around how and/or why I used to smoke so much weed

Anyways, I am really really really proud of myself. Really. For real. I read an entry (a few entries, actually) that I wrote a good 2 years ago, where I stated that I wanted to come down south. I really did it. I'm here. I mean granted the fact that at the time I had visions of Savannah or a serious rural town but nonetheless, I have a Georgia address. And I am slowly developing a Georgian accent.
In retrospect, if I were to repeat the situation, I don't know if I would be able to make the desicion again. You know, to drop everything that I know and move 1000 miles downward to a big city in a state where I knew not one single person. But I was right. It has made me a better person, for the most part.. at least it's helped me grow incredibly.
Back to the past, the one thing that is sort of ironic is (I doubt there is much of a correlation here but who knows) that once I quit smoking weed I seemed to not be as close with my siblings. I mean I guess I realize that that was our "bonding time" if you will but damn.
Also, I think I really was much more intelligent back when I used to burn all the time.. but that is probably because I just drink far too much beer now. Farrrrrrrrr too much beer. Or maybe I just feel really stupid right now because I'm running on no sleep.
But, on the bright side, I think I'm going to stop drinking for a bit.
Maybe then I'll start sleeping again.
Definitely not rekindling my marijuana habit... not yet, at least.
Maybe I'll try sobriety for once in my life.
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Elephants [07 Feb 2008|09:38am]
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[10 Sep 2007|11:17am]
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This is why I'm hot. =D [19 Jun 2007|08:24am]
So, basically, I have ~5 weeks left of Framingham. Left of Massachusetts. Of New England. It's bittersweet... not that I'll miss Framingham in itself. aahaha

I was referred to as a local here in Atlanta yesterday by a woman at the hotel.

I made a friend at orientation :)

I joined a program that reminded me of RFL.. going white water rafting in North Carolina on August 2nd.

Moving down here on August 16th. 18th birthday is on August 17th. It's kind of ironic, really.. my friends and I have been planning out my 18th birthday for years because I'll be one of the last to turn 18... and now I'll be in Atlanta for it, partying with Keri and those other two girls whose names I didn't catch. bahaha

I'm so stoked, but so nervous.

Peace up, A-Town down <3
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[29 Mar 2007|06:22am]
so i got into georgia state.

oh yeah, and i'm pretty sure i got that second job at panera.
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c'est la vie [11 Mar 2007|09:37am]
-Fixed my T.A. situation. Miss Freedman loves me again and I don't have to waste my time in MCAS prep. haha.
-Got hit on by some creepy guy at a party who was quizzing me in calculus.
-Threw rocks at ice and got yelled at by old ladies.
-Finally got the balls to apply to Georgia State.
-Need a second job at Panera.
-Need a boy. No, fuck that. I don't need shit. I'd like one, though haha
-Want to listen to Country music.
-Going to California twice this summer. ONCEEE TO playyy with Renata :D ps. Renata there may be a sexy asian named Mavis coming as well.. therefore we will be unstoppable
-Spring is finally fucking coming... life is beautiful

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[15 Feb 2007|02:58am]
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[15 Oct 2006|03:48pm]
just to get by.
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[24 Sep 2006|08:38am]
this weekend was


am i dreaming?
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[10 Sep 2006|09:13pm]
With every inch of my soul, I ache to know the meaning of my dreams.
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They say the truth will set you free, but the less you say, the better off you'll be [06 Sep 2006|06:20am]
I decided to update this more often, for my own memory's sake.

This weekend was AMAZING. Friday night I went to Eric's house with Savannah, Ricky, Lil Jon, Eric (duh) and Aaron. Aaron and I climbed up and separate roofs, and I decided that the one Aaron chose was better, so I tried to switch. At first I fell. I have a new bruise on my leg now =D Anywho, I got up on the second try, and stayed on the roof for about 2 hours. Eventually nearly everyone came up. Katie showed up later n chilled up there.

That night, I slept at Katie's for the first time in a looonggg time. Her brother is still a little shit. Who knew? Next morning, We walked over to Eric's to make coffee because there was mold in her coffee maker. Gross.

I'll finish this later, I need to finish getting ready for school..
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[18 Aug 2006|10:27am]
So I haven't updated at all this summer.

Cali was awesome. I wish I lived there. I love the California attitude, not to mention the weather. I don't like the money involved though, so it'll never happen.

Myrtle Beach was cool. I lost my mind. I don't think I've ever been catcalled so much in my life. At one point, I even got:



Locobazooka was special. Random boys chilling with us. I'm lucky he had a girlfriend? Haha. I moshed more than ever before. Got a bloody nose in the pit cuz I'm cool like that. Hurt some guy. Punched Dave Miller. Hahahahhaa

That's all :)
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[28 Jun 2006|10:00am]
So I'm getting more and more gangster by the day, do you want to talk about it?

I really can't control it. A mix of Nicolette + MTV Jams can do this to you, I guess.
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...& I'm officially a senior.. [21 Jun 2006|05:47am]
[ mood | content ]

So, beginning of exams = beginning of the summer, in my mind.

Wednesday was A & B, and I don't have an exam B. After, drove around w/ Tim, Aaron, Savannah, Becky, & Lil Jon in the torrential rain.. kind of scary, but whatevz.
Thursday was C & D. Went to Ians, got tipsy, played in the pool NONSTOP. Sexy people :o. Interesting events. Hot tub wars, and ice cream cartons on Matt's head. Sorry Nicolette I love you<33
Friday, E & F, I had no exams, but I went to school anyway cuz I slept at Savannah's and had to do shit for Mrs. Manning. Walked around and chatted with Katie E period, then rode a bike around n chilled with Scott and Savannah F. After exams = Zac, Aaron, Becky, Savannah, Mavis, me, and a handle of Cap'n Mo's. Swimming at the lake =)
Saturday Savannah, Aaron and I went to Millville? to her cousin's graduation party. Found a funbubble. Fun in the attic, that sounds so sketchy but w.e
Sunday was beach all day =)
Monday was G period. Fuckin, went to Savannah's with Scott and Aaron. Then Tim and Liljon scopped Scotty. Ian, Tyler, and Drew showed up for a little bit. "GOOD GOOGLY MOOGLY, THAT THANG IS JUICY!" ahhaa. They left, I slept on Savannah's kitchen floor. Kevin and Scott came back. Went to the park to play frisbee, ended up running into Mary! <3 & Dan ahaha Dippie and Chris came toooo it was illness. Scott kicked my ass like 12 different times.
Tuesdayyyy Mavis, Savannah, Scott, Kevin, Aaron, Becky, Katie, Tim, Brittany. In a nutshell. & a lake =)
Today is water park with RFL, I'm excited =)

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[13 Jun 2006|08:56pm]
Laying on the pavement, gazing up at the sky. The sun had not quite finished setting; everything around me was dark, but beams of light still allowed the sky to be a lighter blue. The clouds were still as pure of a white as they would be at high noon, but a few pricks of starlight managed to seep through. Bats fluttered above, flies buzzed in my ear. Then, in that moment, I realized the harmony of everything. The peacefulness of the universe, and how everything fits like a puzzle. I've never felt more safe and relaxed in my life.
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[10 Jun 2006|10:49am]
This was written by Ross.. I just want to post it here because well, it's exactly what I've been thinking..

"Everyday, each and everyone of us wakes up, looks around, and relizes that we have only a few precious minutes of sleep left before school or work. Yet, how many of us actually take a moment during those intial few moments of alertness to be grateful for the fact that we have been given another day. To show some gratitude to whatever that greater power is for giving us another chance. A second chance to say sorry to a friend or loved one, a chance to say thankyou to someone has helped you in time of need, or just a chance to give someone else a reason to be grateful for their second chance. I don't think in 18 years I have ever woken up and been grateful for that. Life is the thing that we take granted most, and its that one thing that can be taken from us in a fucking second. No one is promised another day.

Just remeber that the next time you can't get somthing you want and you say to some one "This blows, man, I hate my life!", just really thing about what you just said. Today having had many close poeple to me lose loved ones, and over the past years having lost many of my friends, I relizes how fragile life is. And I see the pain that is left behind when life is lost. A pain that stays, and only gets dull over time, but never completly leaves you. Im not sure where im going with this, im not really posting this for comments or nething, im just looking around my room. Overwhelmed, with the though of how precious life is, and how many people, including myself, are fucking ungrateful for it... and it fucking sickens me. I don't know...."
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in a nutshell [09 Jun 2006|10:20pm]
endless hope for ryan & lindsay

& joe, fell off but i want him to be ok

so more shit happened today but i just wanted to throw it out there, just ..

.. crazy to say the least
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Here's my two cents, bitches [31 May 2006|05:30pm]
Too many people choose the fast life, driving along the highway of life till they find an exit, settle down, and die... I think I'll choose the scenic route; I don't really know where I'm going, but it sure as pie will be a nice ride. The theme is constant throughout America. It's probably going to be more difficult to "make it" in this country in the laid-back status at which I rest, but hell, who needs to "make it"? Yeah yeah, 5 cars, big house on the ocean, high-paying job in the city--it sounds great and all, but is it happiness? I say no, not at all. All I need is a coupla bucks on the side to keep me going, I'll be set. I kind of want to stay in Framingham. Maybe go to an even smaller town in Mass. I can just settle down, become an English teacher, it will be fantabulous!
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